Seeking Humanity

Asylum Seekers centre and Wendy Sharp Project
The artist, Wendy Sharpe.

Seeking Humanity’ is an art exhibition by renowned Australian artist, Wendy Sharpe. It is not about politics, but puts a human face to those who have fled situations of great danger in their home country in search of safety and freedom in Australia.

A previous Archibald winner and 2014 finalist, Wendy has drawn portraits of 39 asylum seekers and refugees. Through her art, she shares their lives with us to show that underneath all the troubles and politics around the issue, we are all the same; we all have the same hopes and dreams. The show will start on February 17 and end on May 24 in Penrith, Sydney and Canberra.

‘Seeking Humanity’ is brought to you by the Asylum Seekers Centre. All portraits will be on sale with proceeds going to the Centre to help provide practical and personal support for asylum seekers.

Click on the link and press play to watch Wendy draw live.


4 thoughts on “Seeking Humanity”

  1. Having just watched the video, I can see the quality of Wendy’s work. I’m sure the show will be wonderful and hope that her message gets across. Asylum seekers must be offered support – both practical and personal, as you say. They have suffered too much in their lives already to be met with futher hostility.

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