The Chivoko Stories of Nature’s Offerings

According to the Chivoko people, anything and everything you need comes from the forest and the sea. Food, building materials, things they could wear, are all provided by Mother Nature. If Mother Nature was destroyed, that would be the end of life. This is a story about a community coming together to make a conservation effort to protect their land, sea, environment, and their heritage for their further generation. What is great about this short film is that the future generation are taking action and are part of this effort.

Written and filmed by the storytellers themselves from Chivoko Village, Northwest Choiseul,  the Solomons Islands. Choiseul Province is the northernmost island in the Solomon Islands double chain archipelago and lies approximately 45 kilometres southeast of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea.  

11 thoughts on “The Chivoko Stories of Nature’s Offerings”

  1. wull …. this is why the trees created us … so that we can maintain life on the planet … especially the trees … i’m afraid at this point they (the trees) are a bit disappointed … this tiny group of people ”get it” .. the rest of the world … too much greed … i have my doubts and fears … on another note … i mentioned ”sweet melancholy”?? read Songs of City Blue … what i just posted … if you feel what i felt when writing it then, you’ll know what ‘sweet melancholy” is … you are wonderful to be bringing these beautiful stories into people’s awareness … ks

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      1. it’s bad form to do this but … i’d like for you to read a two part piece i wrote about trees … if you haven’t already … and i haven’t checked … if you haven’t would you? this piece … these words and thoughts … sum it all up for me …. thanks … ks at your leisure, of course … thanks …

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  2. The praiseworthy efforts of the Chivoko people regardling conservation of their natural resources is a lesson for people worldwide. Unfortunately, for the great logging, mineral extraction and fishing concerns etcetera, economics and profit making tend to come first.

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