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I recently met (virtually) Solomon Walker, Canadian Artist and owner of the Museum of Digital Fine Arts(MoDFA). A virtual museum was something I had been thinking about and was excited to find MoDFA and how well Solomon has set it up.  An Australian curator friend, Jenny Fraser has had several; digital curatorial projects for Pacific Arts and I thought it would be a great idea for some of the projects I was involved in. A digital museum provides an opportunity for those of us that are limited by location, time and money to go and see some wonderful art. For  curators, a digital space requires less funding and all the  hassles that come with running a real exhibition. One can argue that nothing beats the real thing, but if you cannot travel to Paris or New York to see something beautiful and amazing work, digital space is the place to go in this day and age.

“I was really looking for a place to show my own artwork, and that’s how I thought of establishing the virtual museum”, Walker said.

Established in 2008, Walker through the museum, quickly filled a void in establishing a collective space for online art world, showcasing some of the very best work rendered in the new Digital Medium. The MoDFA provides essential exhibition opportunities for both emerging and established artists and photographers on an international scale. Artists who create stunning works of art primarily with modern electronic tools that includes computers, tablets, scanners and digital cameras can show their work in this space. Though existing virtually online, the MoDFA provides a unique public exhibition space and forum for introducing and displaying brilliant contemporary Art and Photographic images from some of today’s most creative individuals across the globe.The MoDFA is dedicated to Digital medium creativity. To show or to curate or volunteer for the museum, visit link below and speak with Solomon Walker.

13 thoughts on “Museum of Digital Fine Arts”

  1. thanks so much Joycelin, for your feature and support of the Museum of Digital Fine Arts project. We are happy that our creative project is of inspiration to you and your artistic audience. Wishing continued success for everyone for these holidays, and into 2015.

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  2. As you say, not everyone is able to travel round the world to visit awe-inspiring museums and art galleries. A virtual museum has got to be the next-best thing in that case. I think they’re a great idea.

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