Blood Moon Rising

Michael Aslin took this photo from Kambalda in Western Australia.

Wasn’t it beautiful to see the moon change colour last night?  After a build up of excitement and anticipation all day, the evening turned out to be a disaster viewing for me. We got a view of the crescent peeking out in between clouds, then more clouds. I kept walking outside the house in between chores thinking the clouds would blow past, but they never did. I did catch glimpses of a faded golden colour of the yoke during the eclipse and then – all gone!

How lucky and wonderful it was to go online and see some of the captured blood moon images from pictures taken across Australia and the world.

Here is one of the songs we sang when the moon rose. It is in Ming Kawac. (Bukawac language, Lae, PNG).

Ayu kepi, kepu ga-meng ngawe nga – ayam

(The moon rose and shone, making everything beautiful)

Aom kusum gebe, undanguc ae

(You said, you would follow me)

And this is not ‘reverse psychology’ to make you “Follow” me on this blog, however, come to think of it, this could be a sign.


4 thoughts on “Blood Moon Rising”

  1. The moon viewing was not too great here in my little corner of the world, but I also saw some of those incredibly beautiful photos on the web and they were absolutely other worldly….very beautiful!


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