WordPress I Need Tech – Help Please

Yesterday, Australian time (September 16th) I was looking at my blog, this one you are reading and I noticed that my number of followers dropped from some 3008 to 68. Minutes before that, I had tried to re-blog a post from a fellow blogger. I am not sure how I deleted the rest of my followers. Unless of course there was a mass exodus. These are the email followers I have gained since I started blogging early this year.  I was told recently by a reader that I did not have any SEO fields on my page to allow navigation. Thank you very much, I do not know what the heck that means, but I am actually enrolled in a course to teach myself on what to do.

I have to complain and please do not laugh…all these tech things you need to worry about. I just want to write.

I do want to apologise to the people that are not following anymore – this was not meant to be. I hope you can come back again and please if anyone out there knows what has happened – let me know how I can fix the problem. I am sure these 2940 followers are tucked under something on my blog. I just can’t see them with my amateur tech-eyes.


7 thoughts on “WordPress I Need Tech – Help Please”

  1. It’s happened to me before sometimes if you have disconnected your sharing links like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc it will only show followers from WordPress. The help forums are great. The support staff email back if it’s not covered in their answers


    1. Thank you Seafarrwide. I haven’t been linked to Facebook for two months. I also have not disconnected from LinkedIn or Twitter so it is interesting that it just happened.
      Did you get your followers back? I guess it is time to work harder. 🙂


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