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Super Blue Moon Rise – ABC Australia

Posted 48 minutes ago A man is silhouetted by the moon in sand dunes in Lancelin, north of Perth. ABC News: Andrew O’Connor

More images and stories later. This was the moon before the eclipse.



Once in a Blue Moon – A Total Lunar Eclipse

http://www.complex.com/life/2017/12/january-2018-rare-spectacular-month-supermoon – Eric Skelton and moon image from Getty images.

We are about to watch a rare science spectacle in Australia tomorrow night. This moon can be seen in other parts of the world, but we get the best seat.

total lunar eclipse will occur on Wednesday, January 31, and it’s also being called many other lunar things, from a Blood Moon to a Blue Moon and a Super Moon.

So what is really going to happen tomorrow night? Here is a good guide to the eclipse from The Conversation.

This is the first time in three years that we have the chance to see a total lunar eclipse from Australia, and the Moon will spend just over three hours passing through Earth’s shadow.

Last year, on August 21, there were a lot of excitement and media coverage of the solar eclipse across America.

The continent-spanning wave of instruments from home-made pinhole cameras to the most sophisticated telescopes followed the eclipse across the U.S.A.

We also had two super moons so far in a close space of a year.  The total lunar eclipse – and third supermoon. A note here as well that there won’ be any full moon in February – but we have two in January. Moon’s appearances are interpreted by many cultures in different ways, and the moon also affects festivity seasons, food harvests and traditional rituals.


Courier Mail story on Once in a blue moon…

The November Super Moon: Here Tonight

Super Moon




The most talked about November super moon is here. You probably can tell that I am fascinated by the moon, as I am about many natural wonders. In my culture, the moon affects many things including the seasons for gathering, the way people think and behave and also how it affects other living things.

Tonight, we started at our house, then the neighbours, searching the skies for the moon’s appearance. Then, my mother and I drove to the end of our street. We saw it rising, making the sky an endless ceiling of beautiful pink sheet with patches of baby blue clouds. After we watch it rise above tall leopard and wattle trees, we drove near the Brisbane River and through the gum trees in Bellbowrie, QLD, the large bright yoke creeped gently higher and hung over the water, throwing a shimmer as far as they could go.

The moon was quite bright and extra-large as predicted, so if you have not seen it yet in Brisbane – get outside your house now. It should be around for another night. My camera is not superior enough to capture this wonder, but here are some images I took this evening in various locations in our neighbourhood.

To my friends: Sue Coletta, I hope you are not disappointed with the pictures. And Kah Wah Tan – I have to tell you, it is a good clear night in Brisbane for howling.











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