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Chinese Red String – Love Poem J.K.Leahy

Chinese Red String – Poem J K Leahy

Image: Impremedia.com


A knot in a soft Chinese red string

The red string of fate cries too late

Too weak and futile to unravel

A  mystery of discord heightens

As I hold on, you slowly unbind

Rapidly, becoming sand in my hand

Grains isolate and quickly fall,

allowing the world, a key to pry


An unspoken goodbye at dawn

Hugged a ghost, a pale wounded doe

Unease hung in air,

like unattached wallpaper

Muttering words “see you later’

Decapitated and torn in fray

Fog engulfed an anticipated day

The doe cuffed in disarray of sheets

Trapped in the tides of a hurt heartbeat

(This is only a part of a longer poem – but I hope you enjoyed these verses).

Overtime – Earning more or Losing more?

One of the things I love about being older and having “been there, done that” is that I am beginning to understand what life is all about. Everything is starting to make a lot more sense. I keep learning and one of those things I have come to realise was, how much time I have spent/lost in a nine to five job. The nine to five job routine has never appealed to me. Sometimes I wonder if I had gained enough money doing that extra time in comparison to the living that I have lost.

Sadly, we are conditioned to believe that our nine to five job IS what life is all about. We often get stuck in the routine…forever! Before we know it, we are too old to enjoy what we truly aspire to do. I wasn’t going to blog about “overtime” tonight – really.

It was London Live celebrating the National Poetry Day and while listening to some poetry I came across Mr Gee’s interpretation of the 9 to 5 job and the More Overtime. I could not have put my view about a day job any better. Mr Gee’s spoken word inspired this post. I would like to put it out there that if there is something good you really want to do in life – go and do it!