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A Twill Weave – Short Story

A Twill Weave – Short Story by JLeahy ©

Picture by Barbara W. Beacham

Mondays Finish the Story is a weekly flash fiction by Barbara W. Beacham which runs from Monday to Sunday. This week’s prompt starts with the quote in the story below and the above picture. I hope you enjoy my take on this one. The stories have to be 100-150 words.

A Twill Weave

“What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”, someone had scrawled in bad handwriting. Humidity and stench made the cell unbearable but I wondered who the writer was. Had a moment of epiphany or remorse released those words?

Months have flown by, but I knew after the bundle was found on me, my five years of trafficking ended. The door turned.

“Mr Chris Dam –ass?” he pronounced Dameche.

“Yes”, I said relieved to get interaction after 24 long hours in the transit cell.

“Follow me,” he said with no emotion.

We walked down the hallway, opposite to where I was first led in. My heart sank.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To another cell, we have someone coming in…to use that one” he said.

At the hallway end, he unlocked a cell.

It was smaller. I looked out and through a tiny grilled window. A huntsman is putting the finishing touches on an elaborated web.

Short Story : Enveloped

Enveloped (fiction JLeahy short stories)

Public Domain image

This is a draft opening of a short story I am working on. I have not decided where the plot is going. I have  a few options and will post more later.

Betty picked up contents of their mailbox. It was only 4pm and she was extremely tired having entered her third trimester last week. Her mother was overseas, and still unhappy at Betty’s choice to keep the baby.

In her Mother’s eyes, Betty was the faltered child, not pursuing the right career or man, having wasted her mother’s precious money and now having a baby at 23 before she had her own income. Her choice to follow arts while keeping her casual job as a Cole’s cashier was beneath her mother’s expectations. Her mother wanted a Law, Business or Accounting Degree – not Arts!

“She thinks just because she herself married a rich man, that I have to do the same, Betty complained to her aunt.

On the other hand, Betty mentioned to her aunt, her younger sister Mina, 22 was exceeding their mother’s expectation with a University degree in business and now engaged to a young engineer from a wealthy family.

Betty has been out of work for three months and already she feared her mother was right – that she needed to find some money quickly. Her mother refused to spare a cent from her own millions.

“Betty must earn it herself, she must work for it”, her mother told her aunt. The house they lived in on the hills in Brookfield belonged to her mother’s multi-millionaire lover. He gifted it to her, after his second divorce was final.

As Betty shuffled white envelopes, bills and junk mail, the young mother-to be wondered how she would pay her bills this month. Amongst the pile she noticed a small yellow aged envelope, stamped and posted in Brisbane. The envelope was addressed to her. Betty examined the back but there was no return address. She looked at the stamp again. She could not think of anyone in Brisbane that would send her a letter, most of her friends contacted her on Facebook or emailed her. The enveloped was marked Monday, January 15, 2013, just two days ago.