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Vanishing Point – Poem

A sleepless walker strides by dusk

The Brisbane River glassed

Beyond the vanishing point, houses blackened

A large orangey pink blanket covered the sky

It reflected on the river glass

Under the trees, an egret beamed

Its milky white feathers lit the roots

The walker disturbed the egret

The bird flew towards the orangey – pinkie sky

Looking to where the bird landed in the tree

The walker spots an odd couple – he tall and large

She is tiny and frail

They stand, side by side, arm’s length apart

Their arms are each folded; awkward

They stare into the river

Maybe they were speaking about the glassy river

Or the orange sky, the sleepless walker or the egret

There is a promise of love beyond the vanishing point

The walker smiles. Maybe sleep is coming tonight

A Smile For Labour – Poem

A smile for the labour ©JK.Leahy

Geraniums flower beautifully, keep a lush appearance in some of the hottest, driest conditions, yet here she is blooming in the middle of Australian winter. JKLeahy pic.

A smile for labour

Her hands once tender

Cultivated hardened soil

Hardening her soft hands

In labour she offered you

Tired, dried, and withered

Kept in safe, warmth and fed

In her heart’s tender glow

She watched you grow

Watching growth take you

Blossomed and robust you

Moist, fed and comforted you

Then a gift arrived, packaged

In reward, for a hand tendered

You surprised her

Your first smile, a glorious bloom

For the hardened hand

Her heart lifted

And smiled

Life Has Left Me

Life Has Left Me  © JKLeahy 2015

In The Fog
Paddling In The Fog by Tim Curtis


A proud, strong and phenomenal woman

The time awaits me for what I am to become

Across the dark lake the fog has hung

To shield my journey I obeyed to take

Like many a journeys I have taken

I push the boat into the lake

Paddle cuts thick in life’s oblique

Each stride reaching for the end

I break the fog as it consumes me

Heart not willing to let go, I know I must

Upon reaching the other side, body shivers in cold

Darkness encloses, waters still

Life pushes back against the will

The shadow arrives and becomes me

My life has come to decease for now

In a fleeting glance I see my daughters and son

The grand children and friends

My heart swells in love and happiness

What a legacy I have constructed

Living on, the beauty of life and its greatness

Unto him I will see – the final release lifts me

I drift to the heavens, where my final resting place


Written in loving memory of Mum Kathy by Joycelin K Leahy. (copyright)

Sunday March 29th 2015.

For a woman who was beautiful in and out. My friend Belinda’s mother Kathy Moeder who died peacefully after illness. We buried her today in Brisbane after a wonderful funeral where there was sadness and pain, but many stories of Kathy’s life with happiness, humour and celebration. Kathy Moeder believed in love, family, rights and safety of others. She was a Peace and Women’s advocate and a dedicated Christian. She was truly loved.


Wandering Spirits of Restless Hearts

Halloween Photography. This photo was taken at the Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery. Public Domain.

The universe has her own way. You never know when she will strike next – and whether it be for better or worse. Every day of living is a routine of heading for the ending. We must continue to believe in living for the moment. I believe we must also question each action we take and its consequences. In my culture, my grandma has taught me, after a soul leaves the body it moves to the resting place, but a restless spirit will always wander. Peace and forgiveness has to prevail before a dead man’s spirit can find the resting place.

In the past few days I heard of three deaths. Of the three deaths, two I knew and respected. Their news was very sad for me. One left me feeling winded, overwhelmed, surprised and it tugged at deeply buried emotions from cruelty and pain. unresolved living can change life. It was a timely beginning of the ending for me. I feel a new phase in my life. It was time to let go. In the hours after I received the news last night, strange things happened. It should not but the Universe has her own ways.

For what I know and believe in, I question, when those that are cruel to you die, where do their spirits go? Are the wandering spirits seeking forgiveness or are they playing on your mind.  I pray for the former and I hope for a peaceful resolution – one of forgiveness, healing and moving on. I know one day this feeling shall pass.

 ( JLeahy Copyright)

Farewell Monster      

He died, leaving behind

privately and securely,

a legacy few desire

Markings made by his hands

Unbeknownst to audiences

Secret exhibitions

Wounded, bruised and broken

A heap in doll repair shop

A thread shall patch

Gauze will cover

A wig shall alter

Like salt, familiar

each time memory stings

And, like animals, cowards,

we will cower as shadows lurk

It happened in the mind,

his father’s trade

That was how he started,

his father’s legacy.

Admittedly, one

he never admired

Only hope shall turn fate

I pray for his sons