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On Water’s Edge – Poem

On Water’s Edge – Poem JK.Leahy©

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We sat on water’s edge in silence

Crystal stream trickled and meandered, thirsting for sea salt in the wide ocean while we sat numbed and immersed in our own murky feelings

Unspoken was the truth tangled in our thoughts, so it captured pure silence, a tension like knotted threads

We were almost our real selves; caught in a delicate pause like dandelion in a still breeze, but who would own up?

Mine was she – brave, open and shy and his was him – awkward, tough, and yet vulnerable. Unwinding threads, already knotted

The timing was perfect, but words failed to arrive on time. Perhaps lost in the forest or evaporated into thin air, spoken words had left us

And once more the breeze passed, springing every dried leaf into living cartwheels, as if warning us to open up

With the debris our true feelings escaped, gone! The truth remained in its secret place, untouched, and settling to collect dust once more

Futile words jumped out of our mouths like aliens in rehearsed scenarios and ritual conversations

Soon, we were no longer afraid; once we leave this water’s edge, we will be other people again



Soaking Hearts – Love Poem

Soaking Hearts with the Night – Love Poem


We soaked our heart in the night.

Oblivious to time and weather,

we  shared the tea of love.

By the firelight, where winds engulfed our embrace,

mushrooms glowed, transcending our emotions.

And like heart-beat, the fireflies echoed the rhythm.

Long and steady, into the morning light;

letting the moon slip by, and the shadows dissolve.

When we let our words melt into nothingness, our bodies

rushed to the voice of our desires.






New Love

I turned 50 a few days ago and I got asked how I felt and what were my plans etc. I have had a good life so far. To be honest, I felt nothing different physically nor mentally. My present goal is to publish my memoir and a book of short stories. I also want my boys to complete university and do what they love.

At half my age I had travelled and seen over 50 countries. Here in Geneva, in 1989, I was eating strawberries and ice-cream. If you had asked me then, how my life would be in the next half – I would have had no idea. Life is full of surprises. I love it.

When I look back at it, I have led a life that has not been ordinary and I am so grateful for many things. One thing worth mentioning is that I do know now as I have grown older, life is not complete without  love. Every human craves love and nothing can replace love. I treasure the love in bonds I have with my sons and my family and friends. My belief in love came from those who loved me and the ones who continue to love me. Every human deserves to be loved.

I am a ‘closet poet’ that writes love poems sometimes.  I was asked recently if I could write poetry (and I guess I can) and if I had any. I have never been taught, but I love to read poems and I have written a few as gifts over the past decades for friends and family. I believe poetry is one great way to express love.  Lucky for those men I have loved and written free poems for, I hope they still appreciate the verses, even if they don’t want to remember…

Here is one such collection of lines which you may call poetry if you wish to. I am happy for my blogger friends and the real poets out there to critique me. 

(JLeahy copyright)

New Love      

A mess of feelings

Soft strings twisted and tangled


A lore to be unfold soon

Waiting, yearning the unknown

Once for-warned heart dazed

Consumed in immense chaos

Riddled with beauty

Warmed and rendered with lightness