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Trees in Bellbowrie

Thank you for supporting my blog and continuing to enjoy my writing while I was away. In this post, I share two studies of trees in Australia and tell you a little story. My study of the trees are mostly in Bellbowrie, and our nearby suburbs.

Early one morning on June 1, 2020, in winter, I was glancing out of the Brisbane City bus, enjoying the light captured by gum trees, leaves and their bark. I am always fascinated by light. I noticed many white spots under the trees and wondered what these spots were. It was misty.

They could have been hail, or even clumps of eucalyptus flower droppings. As the bus came closer to Pullenvale stop, the white ‘spots’ moved rapidly. It was a crackle of cockatoos. That sight, filled my heart and made me smile all day. The cockatoos were unbothered by what was going on around them. For me, it was such a beautiful sight in the middle of the pandemic.

I have revisited the images in my head with some colour. I hope you enjoy these illustrations. I have been busy with my children’s book, The Lazy Little Frog. I have now completed the work I set out to do in publishing the books in three Papua New Guinea national languages, English, Tok Pisin and Motu. You can view and purchase the books here.

Spots under gum trees, at a glance from the bus ride. Watercolour Illustration “Gum” © by Joycelin Kauc Leahy.
As the bus approached, the spots were moving. Watercolour Illustration, Gum Cockatoos ©” by Joycelin Kauc Leahy


You can buy these books directly from me as soon as our website http://www.lazylittlefrog.com is set up. You can also purchase by emailing me on jkleahyart@gmail.com to send you an invoice or PayPal payment request.

I wish to thank all the backers who supported my education campaign on Kickstarter. I sincerely thank those who donated. We did not make the Kickstarter Goal in the 30 days, however, any money raised after Kickstarter will enable me to complete the Motu version – Paroparo Maragina Hesiku Dikadika and potentially help me print 100 copies of each language for distribution in PNG. For the backers on Kickstarter, you still want your book, order here or at jkleahyart@gmail.com.

I’m grateful for all your support. Please note, some adjustments are being made to the website: http://www.lazylittlefrog.com and once they are completed, you can purchase the books there.on that website.