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A Creative Genius That Lives With Me

Chris Harris Picture. Bee. May 25, 2015

A little creative genius lives with me and is sometimes called my younger son, Chris. He is over one 190 cm tall so he is not that little, but this 16-year-old always comes up with amazing ideas. One of his discoveries was how to magnify or shoot micro pictures with his iPhone using a recycled attachment from an old torch. Here are a couple of images Chris was excited to share with me for their artistic value – he deliberately softened the lines. 

Chris Harris Picture. Bee. May 25, 2015

When I asked him what camera he had used to take the pictures, he showed me his phone and explained, he took apart an old torch and stuck a glass lens from the old torch on his iPhone camera lens to take the super micro images. I was so excited, we went everywhere in the garden to take more pictures from deep inside centre of petals to the eye-balls of family members so we could see the colour spectrums. It is quite incredible. The bee pictures are two of Chris’s images.