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The Glorious Sounds of Harvest Rain for Christmas

Voices, footsteps, coffee cups, elevator, kids playing and then, there was glorious singing. That beautiful sound through the mundane noise of Christmas rush in Toowong Shopping Centre, Brisbane came from the members of the Harvest Rain Theatre Company. At first, I thought of my mother as I listened. How much would she had enjoyed this? Then, as I sang along, I let thoughts of my late grandmother and my aunts and their happy faces go through my head. How many times did we sing in harmony like this together? The thoughts almost brought me to tears.

I walked closer and watched each of them singing joyfully.  They were so happy, it was infectious, and my sadness vanished. One by one, the busy shoppers slowed and took notice. Some stopped and listened. I asked the singers for a picture and someone else wanted pictures too. This was how I remember Christmas as I was growing up – the glorious singing.

Thank you Harvest Rain Theatre Company. You made the shopping worthwhile, considering I don’t like shops, crowds or the pretentious conversations of people trying to sell you something.

Merry Christmas to all you!

Members of the Harvest Rain Theatre Company at Toowong Shopping Centre, Brisbane this morning. This picture was taken with a Samsung phone.