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The Tale of the Coconut – A story from Papua New Guinea, produced by German Filmmaker

I was introduced to The Tale of the Coconut last night by Professor Craig Volker who was my English Teacher in Aiyura National High School from 1981-82 in Papua New Guinea. In this story,  a Duke Of York traditional story (or legend) was taken and translated it into a modern film.

Prof Volker was involved in this project, which was made in Madina, New Ireland where he comes from. He was originally from the USA, but taught and lived most of his life in PNG and has adopted Madina as his village. This film is the first PNG children’s film produced in a Tok Ples – native tongue. There are also German, English, and Tok Pisin versions.

The film was produced and directed by Marc Thümmler.


Children’s film // Kinderfilm, 15 min, 2015
When you turn around a coconut you will find a human face on its bottom side. The children’s film THE TALE OF THE COCONUT explains why this is the case. The children of Karawara Primary School tell us an old legend from their home, the Duke of York islands in Papua New Guinea.
THE TALE OF THE COCONUT recounts how a group of men from the island leave for Pigeon Island to go hunting. After the hunt, one of the men is left behind on Pigeon Island without a raft and has to swim back home by himself. On his trip back he is attacked by a shark.
At first he cleverly distracts it with the pigeons he caught. But then he runs out of pigeons…

If you want to watch this movie, here are the links;

I am happy to send you the links to the other language versions of the film that are now available online:

English version with optional French and Spanish subs

Ramoaaina version (Tok ples) with English subs

Tok Pisin version with English subs

German version

Tok Pisin version with German subs