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The picture I waited from my home for: Byron Photographer

Byron Bay photographer Dylan O’Donnell took this stunning photo of the International Space Station passing the moon on Tuesday. Photo Contributed

The media has called it the holy grail of astro-photography. The Cool Stuff of the week is Dylan O’ Donnell’s fantastic photograph of the full moon with the incredible capture of the space station on the top right.

The BYRON Bay (Australia) photographer who captured the shot on Tuesday with  International Space Station passing over the moon said this was his second attempt to take the stunning shot.

“I’ve only tried once before and I completely botched it, it looked like a blur,” he said.

The International Space Station ISS passes through the sky semi regularly, but for it to line up like it did with an almost full moon is quite rare.

“Some people go chasing around the world to try to line it up but I just waited from my home and it was about 12 months from the last time it lined up that way for me.”

Reported by Rodney Stevens