For tribalmysticstories: A Tribal Mystic Story; Poem For My Father

Re-blogged from a dear and special person. Sometimes the universe surprises you with synchronicity that is greater than yourself, takes you beyond your small world, and you may not understand it fully, but it is meant to be. Thank you KS.

Tales From A Midcentury Boy / Growing Up in Michigan

  • – Poem For My Father –

One day he took me to a copse of trees 

where we sat under a canopy of 

newly formed leaves  

above us a clear blue sky 

where he gave perspectives to me

different from anything I had 


Thoughts from the other side of

what we think we know.

How wind and leaves 

are not separate forces rather 

part of one single entity

connected to an infinity 

of larger and larger wholeness

stretching outward from 

the air we breathe,

beyond heat and light 

from the sun then, 

further into space and time until  

I saw myself in a world 

quite different than my own,

a world I’d never seen before, 

of single limitless form.  

He drew my attention to 

the random movements of 

the leaves

rising and…

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2 thoughts on “For tribalmysticstories: A Tribal Mystic Story; Poem For My Father”

  1. Such a Beautiful Poem, truly wonderful to read many many times, the way you put these words together Joc is Magic. TenkYu Tru !!


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