My Birds: Photography

Jenny Campbell my poet friend recently visited me and took pictures of the birds that live on our property.  These were the birds present. We have others including Kookaburra, Pheasant Coucal, crows, wild ducks, pigeons, butcher birds, and other parrots. Jenny referred to the birds as “Joyce’s birds”, so I’m agreeing with her and calling them mine.

Some of you know Kaz the lorikeet who is pictured here with his partner and Zack the magpie who grew up with us is also in the photos. Amongst the birds are two silky roosters (black one pictured above and the white below) and our beloved hen “Meri Buka”, who has survived many challenges, and is still well and healthy and laying daily.

Blue Well – Poem JK.Leahy©

Before their song-burst

beyond trees and hurst,

they bare their souls,

and quench their thirst





14 thoughts on “My Birds: Photography”

  1. the silky roosters, especially the black one makes a great portrait….anyway….living amongst birds is more pleasant than living amongst people in urban landscapes like mine…….wish I was in your environment…..ha ha

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    1. Thank you Kah Wah; the black silky is quite fearful. We have a love-hate relationship, and he used to be vicious towards the others, but has calmed down a lot. You are welcome any time to this bird land. It is a peaceful place. 🙂


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