A Son’s Call – Poem

A Son’s Call – a dedication to Kaz

Kaz our pet lorikeet. He is always there.

A Son’s Call

My feathered son’s call

Above them all

Each day, and all day

Reminding me he’ll stay

And no matter what brings

My heart is joyed when he sings


4 thoughts on “A Son’s Call – Poem”

  1. Affinity with a bird…..how I wish I had an opportunity to enjoy this new type of experience….same way with the experiences with my small dog now. You are a “wonderful” soul with this and other life experiences.

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    1. Hahaha – Kaz grew up in our lounge room and was hand fed ..now he sleeps in the gum trees, won’t be touched by humans and goes “mum” all day. Hahaha. He is quite attached, but distant in the sense, he won’t let us touch him anymore…birdie scent rules. When he gets your attention, he loves to talk. When I catch public transport, he flies to the bus stop with me and waits till I leave. During my day job days, he waited at the bus stop till I got home. When I walk around the suburb, he and his family, would ahead while I’m walking. Sometimes, they would sit on a fence and wait till I caught up, then they fly ahead of my route till we arrived home. His calls are distinctive and I recognise them. He also sings and his songs are unique to other lorikeets’. (Maybe he can’t speak their language properly because he was human-raised). I’ve been asked by a woman on the street once who I was speaking to up in the trees and imagine if I told her my son was sitting in the 10 metre tall gum tree. 🙂 Anyway, I went to the river and he followed me and tried to get my attention this evening so I was quite touched. Herneith, I just wrote a blog post on this respond. Thanks to you. 😉 LOL.


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