Foggy Bellbowrie – Photo Story

This morning I woke to check the ailing rooster and saw the fog through my windows. It was early. I went to get my camera and left the house. The fog had stayed, even though the sun light was peeking through the gum trees in Bellbowrie.

Here are some pictures of my neighbourhood. Some of you may know it is the middle of winter in Brisbane. This exact week, 13 years ago, my two sons and I migrated to Australia (Brisbane). I try not to think of how miserable and cold it was for us, because many great things have happened since then. Life is a transformation of wonders, only if we allow ourselves to enjoy them.

Neighbours’ bin and horse.
The running lawn towards Moggill Rd

My star tree, the poinciana still has all its leaves in the middle of winter.
Sunlight started to penetrate through the gum leaves when I returned home.
This Olive tree has never had fruit. Someone told me to plant a mate for it.

My neighbour’s boxers that bit our rooster, wait behind the fence.
My favourite part of the Lather Rd.
One single red hibiscus left in the whole bush.


6 thoughts on “Foggy Bellbowrie – Photo Story”

  1. Lovely photos, Joycelin. I always think that fog adds a wonderfully otherworldly quality to pictures. I particularly like the shot with the light starting to come through the gum leaves. 🙂

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      1. I’m well, thanks. 🙂 But still not published, I’m afraid. I’ve still got quite a lot of editing to do before I’ll be happy enough with it to let anyone else read! I hope all is well with you.

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    1. Hi Norbert, lovely to hear from you and thank you very much. It i snot as cold as I remember the Queensland winter, but my son returned from his job site three hours drive away and said it was minus 1 degree. We had it down to 6 degrees, but him and I thought it was cool to have a sheet of glass (ice) form on the windscreen when he woke up and tried to get to work. 🙂 But California in summer is where I’d like to be – I prefer the heat…

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