The Passion of Autumn

The Passion of Autumn – Passion fruit flowers with fruits

After the recent rains, we have a high yield of passion fruit, both flowers and fruit arriving rapidly this season, and just before we go into winter.  When the fruit of passion arrives, there is always a party in my backyard for many living things. The vines have completely taken over a pepper tree and all insects and animals are helping themselves to the nectar of the intoxicating beautiful flowers and green fruits. Hopefully there will be some left to ripen for the bats, possums and my family to enjoy in winter.


5 thoughts on “The Passion of Autumn”

    1. Ohh Kah Wah, sorry; at least you had some fruitful years. I planted our five years ago, after the floods. Now I have a second vine. They are very sweet. My girlfriend wants to make cakes with them and I said “no” – only for eating straight from the vine. I tell her we do not waste it in cake. I tell her to go and buy the store ones for cake – hahaha. (Now she knows the taste so she eats it while she stands under the vine).


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