Story Crafting Workshop is a Success

Some of you on this blog know I am deputy chair of the Papua New Guinea Literature Awards, The Crocodile Prize. This may explain the little time I have spent in writing here (for my own blog) in the past 12 months. The committee is at the end of judging for the finalists in 2016. Winners will be announced shortly. The Crocodile Prize Inc yesterday ran a free workshop to promote the craft of storytelling to Papua new Guineans. Here is the report from Chairman Emmanuel Peni.

Over thirty people attended the first Crocodile Prize story-crafting workshop in Port Moresby, yesterday. The participants were as young as 13 and as old as 65 consisting of writers, readers, enthusiasts and Crocodile Prize fans.

“They were hungry to learn. There was enthusiasm and passion and many participants raised insightful questions. It was a great energy for the future of Crocodile Prize and the competition itself”, Chairman Emmanuel Peni said.

The Writer’s Workshop was organized by the Papua New Guinea’s Crocodile Prize Association.

Mr Peni said the workshop drew passionate writers from different age groups, both sexes, cultures across PNG and industry people.

Character development, writing in scenes, understanding point of view (POV) and using the right language were important elements of story-telling discussed at the workshop. Presenters at the workshop included University of Papua New Guinea lecturers Mr Russell Soaba, Dr Anna Joskin and Mr McPolly Koima.

Crocodile Prize 2016 prize winners will be announced shortly. Please continue to watch this blog.

The Current Crocodile Prize Committee is looking for sponsors for 2017 and skilled Papua New Guineans to assist with the running of the association. Any international skills are also welcome. The association is entirely run by volunteers, so if you think you have help or expertise the association could use ; please write to or




4 thoughts on “Story Crafting Workshop is a Success”

    1. How very kind of you to read and make such a lovely comment. Thank you so much. I make crafts and art. I feel that when you are trying to tell or write a story, you are crafting words, and so that was how that title was born. 🙂 We (Crocodile Prize Committee) have had some support, but this small committee has come a long way. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks again.


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