Turtles – Artwork

Family Turtle red-1

I am making new artwork. I started off with pen drawing and then digital colouring to finish.  Hopefully I will make some lino cuts later and print, but that will take me a while to complete. Tell me if you like this style.

21 thoughts on “Turtles – Artwork”

    1. Oh Kah Wah, now I have discovered something about my art and thank you. I hope that’s a good ‘bent’. 🙂 It takes a great artist like yourself to know. Now I know I have a ‘twist’ in my stories and a ‘bent’ in my art. Hahaha. Talk soon.


      1. what a joyful soul you have….yes, a twist as a writer, a bent as a graphic artist and I endow you with a “kick” in your personality….suits your photo image well….ha ha….nice to kid around like this……see you sometime in real life….

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  1. Definitely love it! The simplicity, the colors talking to each other in a very complimentary way, and the suggestive lines where they are visible and places where they vanish makes the art tactile, more so than if only digital was used. Beautiful collaboration between hand (pen) and digital coloring. 🙂

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