Tok Piksa – The Voice of Young Papua New Guinea People

Tok Piksa is a Papua New Guinea Youth Photovoice project. Shot by Mighty Flims, it features young people telling their own stories about life in one of the most beautiful yet underprivileged countries in the world. They know the life and they capture the images to show that life.

5 thoughts on “Tok Piksa – The Voice of Young Papua New Guinea People”

  1. Hi Joycelin… last I found some time to listen….an engrossing and moving clip…..may the inspiration these young community leaders find in themselves mobilise the rest of their community to make their environment much better for the future generations….and the journey for PNG into the modern world be less painful due to them and other good-doers from outside.

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  2. A fascinating video, Joycelin, from several points of view: 1. it taught me more about PNG and its people and land; 2. I was surprised to hear reggae-like music; 3. the common language seems to be some kind of mix of indigenous and English? 4. I love the idea of Photovoice (it’s been used in several different countries) and how it empowered the young people to take a really good look at their communities and basically understand their own culture better, and along with it their own beliefs and behaviors. Great project – and I hope that it will lead to improved initiatives and opportunities for these young people.

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    1. Thank you so much Annette. I’m glad you learnt a little about PNG. Everyone loves Reggae. 🙂 We have over 800 languages and two main ones, Motu (south) and Pidgin(north and New Guinea islands) are spoken with English. English is the main language of communication. It is rare to have projects like this for youths in our country, but in some ways photo voice and storytelling in my view helps the young people to really look inward as well as observe what is happening around them. It stops them from daily activities to have a moment of reflection. I really appreciate your thoughts and I hope so too that this project leads to other meaningful endeavours for the youths.

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      1. Have you seen the documentary “Born into Brothels?” A woman photographer gave the children of prostitutes (in India) cameras so they could capture their world. She then arranged exhibits in different parts of the world and the kids were able to attend. It changed their life experience and aspirations. Many of them chose education and did not have to follow in their mother’s footsteps. A very powerful movie. Same concept applied.


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