Weaving Art Into Web – Photography


My shot for this week was this tent spider weaving my garden art into its web. Not literally, but strategically so I could have this shot. I have this paper mache mask I bought at the World Festival for Island Cultures in Cheju, Korea in 1998. It was made by Vijoula, a friend who comes from Mauritius. I have lost touch with her, but I keep the mask in my happy place – the garden. If you are out there Vijoula, get in touch.


13 thoughts on “Weaving Art Into Web – Photography”

  1. I absolutely love these two pics with the mask in the background. Have u considered Pinterest pins to add to the sharing list? Pinterest is very cool as it is direct and visual and short and sweet and right on target…

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  2. I have a cool clip somewhere, probably one of our videos, that juxtaposes a spider building/repairing her web with a wicked guitar solo…looks like the spider is plucking it’s web in time with the lead.
    A happy and productive 2016 to you!

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      1. True..it is fascinating to watch them. I saw a huge one and took some close ups and when I got up, I saw 6 others in different parts of the garden. This one happened to be near the front door – they are everywhere at the moment. All harmless.

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