Rain Catcher – Green Tree Frog in Photography


It rained yesterday.  Guess what was on the chicken house? Not a spider this time. The rain catcher, the first Green Tree Frog (I have seen) for 2016. Sitting strategically where all the rainwater ran to it, it had its eyes shut until I approached with the camera.

This frog, the Litoria caerulea or the Green Tree Frog lives in Queensland. It is also found in northern and eastern Australia. It is generally a large frog, and grows to 110mm. The frog is green to light brown or even blue, short snout and rounded face. It has a smooth, thick skin on head and shoulders. Some have white spots or irregular stripe from mouth to forearm. Its abdomen is white and  the back of its thighs is sometimes maroon or yellow. More information can be found on Save Our Waterways.

Although they are called the tree frog, they love to live in building drain pipes and water tanks. In summertime of course, they love wide open spaces with waterways…I guess that’s why this frog found this spot and stayed. I wish I could have told the frog this was not a waterway, but as soon as the rain stopped, it disappeared.





15 thoughts on “Rain Catcher – Green Tree Frog in Photography”

  1. Those are beautiful photos indeed! That frog is way cute, and so colorful. We don’t have a lot of colorful animals here, an occasional cardinal shows up as recently when we had a small snow and the red bird was so brilliant against the white backdrop. I was too busy freezing though,and they were too quick, to get any photos 🙂


  2. Lovely photos Joycelin. It’s funny how this little fellow got the name of ‘tree frog’. I can understand the rain catcher part. Perhaps he started his evolutionary journey in the trees of the rainforest…?
    Happy New Year, by the way! I hope 201s will bring you much happiness.

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    1. Hi Millie, Happy New Year and same wishes back. Thank you very much, and I think you are right, from tree to drainpipes. During the day, I covered him with an egg crate, just to protect him from birds. I hope he returned to safety. We have three crows living in our backyard now, but the chickens still rule.

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      1. Hi Joycelin. I wasn’t sure whether you were back on Blogland after Christmas. I had quite a long break over the holidays, and will be doing my big ‘slow down’ at the end of this week.I’m not going off entirely, just posting perhaps once a week or every ten days. Needs must. I enjoyed reading about this little frog, and hope the crows don’t get at him/her.
        I hope you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to attacking this year. I hope you write lots more of your stories from PNG. I’d like to get back to reading those. Very best wishes. Millie.

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      2. Thank you Millie. We had a nice quiet Christmas and New Year. I will try to write more on PNG. I am drawing (illustrating) and it is so time consuming. I want to finish these two books. I would like to write more on the memoir and mum is coming down, so we may have some new chapters done. Will write you an email soon. x


  3. Stunning and so inspiring of Beauty, thank you for sharing this. In Johannesburg South Africa right now we are experiencing extreme heat and drought, and this green guy gives me hope 🙂

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