Mack – Children’s Story Character

A story about friendship

Pencil on paper. JK.Leahy©

I am writing and illustrating a new children’s picture book so I will be posting sporadically on this blog and responding when I can. I wish you all a great New Year and thank you very much for your support and your friendships.


13 thoughts on “Mack – Children’s Story Character”

      1. There is no doubt the element of kindness/cheer/leeway during the Christmas season but the crowds at the stores/traffic are horrendous at cities like Singapore and the papers are loaded with commercial messages amongst Christmas/Chinese New Year icons.

        So, I do prefer a quieter season but progress dictates that joy must be heard/seen and experienced with good buys and good food.

        At 71, I let the city scene go about its pace whilst I stay quietly in the corner of my being and contemplate/act on the needs of others so that perhaps, they will feed the goodwill of God on earth.

        See you for the rest of 2016…..

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      2. Help Kah Wah, such a humbling, peaceful and wonderful way to spend your festive season. My sons and I had a quiet time together at home and in New Year’s a close friend visited from home (PNG) so we also had a quiet celebration for the new year. I wish you a great and happy year my friend.


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