Love – The Only Way to Express Love is to Show it


Love is best expressed when you show it from your heart. Isn’t it just like story-telling? Here is how Lizz Wright puts us straight in her song “Speak Your Heart”. Lizz Wright has been one of my favourite singers for a long time. She composes and sings jazz, blues, R&B, gospel and soul music. I discovered her by accident, while listening to music at a store over a decade ago. I hope you like her too. This is her official website. She is also on Wiki and can be easily found on Google and

10 thoughts on “Love – The Only Way to Express Love is to Show it”

  1. So beautiful, it gives me goosebumps and opens up mothballed feelings. My thoughts on love? If it isn’t from my heart, don’t bother. And love = truth, living with integrity. Thank you for sharing this music – I stream lots of music from SoundCloud and Lizz Wright is there too, so now I can listen to Soul music from her heart too, yeah!

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  2. This is lovely — and you are so right. Love must be expressed, else it only does a fraction of the good that it could. And it must be expressed in a way that the beloved can understand — else it is wasted. So the best way is most often with words. A child might remember throughout their life being told “I love you.” They will also remember equally strongly, if someone they loved never said the words.
    Well done.
    I hope you’ve had a beautiful holiday, and continue to do so. Hugs!

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