Art – Accidental Artwork Gum Bark

The freak Storm we had two weeks ago brought rain to soften the bark. The lighting in this picture is natural, everything was orange as the sun and the rain fought out the event of the day.

I have not thought of creating art from gum bark until this season.

In the past month, the gum trees (in Bellbowrie, and other parts of Queensland) have shredded their bark, leaving behind beautiful trunk colours. Surrounding each shedding trees are barks of different shades and density, giving the trees, a kind of carpet or stage to show themselves off.

My neighbours had already cleaned up their bark.
Our driveway – see the bark on the bitumen.

The gum trees look so striking I decided this year to collect most of the bark around our house to try using its dyes and mulch the bark for my garden. The easiest way to break the bark was to leave them out in the rain to soften and then line our driveway, so everyone can help ‘mulch’ the bark for me as they drove up and down each day. It has been almost three weeks of bark-driving. The mulch is ready, but what I did not expect were the beautiful shapes and colours the bark pieces would make. I hope you like this selection I photographed with my phone. I messed with a few of them using an App called Paper-artist.





20151213_154201       PaperArtist_2015-12-13_21-25-40-2


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