Garden Finds – What Is This Object’s Story?


I have been slowly putting a collection of things I find in our garden together. These garden finds are only objects of my curiosity more than anything else. There are quite a few regular objects like an axe in the above picture and the knife below.  Every object has a story, just like people and places. We have lived in Bellbowrie house for over four years and the collection is slowly building up.


Some of you may know I am a museum curator, so I tend to collect things and then I attempt to tell their story. However, even without my museum work, I am always curious to know the story about each of the things my sons and I find on the property. I have some stories to tell.

Recently however, I have been thinking that since I cannot research and find all the stories about each of my garden findings, I may write some short fiction instead. It sounds strange, but I have thought up some fiction you may want to read.

This month, I am busy writing for the NaNoWriMo, so hopefully, in December I will be freer to write some stories about my garden finds.

Let’s see what you make of these objects I have posted.  Please feel free to tell your story about these objects or make suggestions – unless of course, you know what the real story. If you do recognise of know some of the objects, such as the gun, then, you have to tell us.

An old pistol, or is it real? It is quite heavy. Picture JK. Leahy©
A newspaper from November 25, 1987. Picture JK. Leahy©


15 thoughts on “Garden Finds – What Is This Object’s Story?”

      1. I doubt it’s a toy. From the pic I can make out a model number. Have you searched using that model number? I’m betting you can determine the make and model. If you can’t, I know a firearms expert that might be able to help.


  1. Here is my recollection of the axe head…

    In the 1950’s, human waste was collected in buckets via an opening to houses from the common back alley.

    One night, some thieves used the opening of this system to get into my house from the common alley. You can imagine the rub-over from human waste as they crawled from the common alley into the house.

    We were asleep all the time as we were on the upper floor.

    The next day, my father went to the hardware shop to get an axe like the one in your photo and told me it was for the next batch of thieves.

    An axe head like this always remind me of this episode when I was just about 4.

    [image: –]

    kah wah tan – thecolorbox

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    1. Kah Wah – that’s a very interesting story, and funny too, although it must have been a frightening and a very serious time for a four-year-old. Thank you for sharing your experience.Could you give me the link and I will re-post. It does not show up well.


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