The Green City – Lae

I recently visited my home town, Lae, the greenest city of Papua New Guinea. Lae is the capital of Morobe Province and is the second-largest city in PNG. It is located near the delta of the Markham River and at the main highway into the highlands of PNG.

Lae is very hot and humid, although when we were visiting in September, the weather was cool and very pleasant. It rained 50 per cent of our three-week visit which was a change from nightly rainfall.

I love Lae because it is home and my family lives there. Lae also offers some of the best organic food you can get anywhere in the world. In Lae market, you can also get any kind of meat and fish you want.

Malum Nalu pictures of Lae Market. Courtesy Malum Nalu Blog.
ANZ Haus
Malum Nalu picture of Lae City. Courtesy Malum Nalu Blog.
My niece Joycelin and Cousin Mati. Two young ladies from Lae. JK.Leahy picture
Heliconias are tropical plants related to bananas, cannas and gingers. There are about 100 different individual species and Lae is very well known for its Heliconia and Birds of Paradise as well as other ginger plants. JK.Leahy Picture
Aunty Giuc Ruth and Mama Freda. JK.Leahy© My mother plants a beautiful garden at our house in Lae.
My son Chris with his two abungs (grandmothers) – my mother and aunt. JK.Leahy© Picture.
My aunt leaves our house to head back to the Wagang Village. JK.Leahy© picture.
A Bird wing butterfly on one of my mother’s blooms – in Lae. JK.Leahy©
Lae Golf Club, the best golf course in PNG. Picture courtesy of Morobe Provincial Government website.
The road to Lae market, where fishermen park and sell their fish. JK.Leahy© picture.

9 thoughts on “The Green City – Lae”

    1. Thank you Paco. Sometimes it gets too much rain, but it stays green and lovely all the time. If you can put up with the Malaria – you will be ok. PNG has had drought most of this year and our province is the only one that still gets its rain.


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