Graveyard Bog

JK.Leahy© picture of Wagang Village Cemetery, Lae, Papua New Guinea. Taken on 2/10/2015.


Graveyard Bog – A poem JK.Leahy©

The engine roared

Wipers squeezed

The rain splashed

and the tyres spun

Mud splattered

The night tensed

Beyond forest dense,

crosses stood tall,

like ladies in a ball

Peaceful they laid,

beneath the earth

As the sky opened,

the earth drank more

And as the car grunted,

the spirits flighted –

in the graveyard bog

(A true story.  My car was bogged in the cemetery a few nights ago.)

20 thoughts on “Graveyard Bog”

      1. How about I get back to you on google+? John who has my weekend spot right now has had almost 4,000 views in one day. I know you have a big readership and although of course I can’t guarantee anything it perhaps could give you a change to hit more views. In a couple of days I will set up a conversation on google +

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      1. That is very good news. I wish you well with the diet. I’m well, thank you for asking. We had a nice three-week break with my family in Lae. It was good to see my mother and aunties especially. My boys enjoyed the time with their uncles and cousins.

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