The Fate of Little Luigi – Short Story

Picture credit: Barbara W. Beacham.

Mondays Finish the Story is a flash fiction challenge by Barbara W. Beacham. The story requires 100-150 words (excluding the first sentence). The challenge runs from Monday to Sunday. Here is my short story for this week’s prompt based on the first sentence below and the picture.

The Fate of Little Luigi – JK.Leahy Short Story©

The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be a…murderer.” 

The shock was too much to bear as police led Luigi away from the courtroom. He caught his sister’s gaze and his terrifying eyes softened. Martha turned to her mother; they both buried their faces in uncle Dino’s old, smoke-soaked coat.

“It’s not him, it’s not him – I know… I know,” Martha cried. She felt the 65-year-old Dino’s grip tighten as he led them to his car, barreling through the flashing media cameras and the crowd. Many had come to see New York’s District Attorney Martha Luciano’s brother sentenced today.

“Grim Day for Luciano Family”, headlines screamed across the streets in earlier hours.

Three days later, Martha brought Luigi the aged Polaroid of the family that he had asked for.  Her eyes salted as she tried to smile. Trembling, she leaned closer to her beloved 26-year-old brother.

“I can’t Luigi…you can’t go to jail for me,” Martha sobbed.

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50 thoughts on “The Fate of Little Luigi – Short Story”

      1. Indirect dialogue doesn’t usually have quotation marks.
        Direct: “The tea’s ready,” Mia said.
        Indirect: Mia told them that the tea was ready.


      2. Hahaha – your language is so confusing. Imagine if I taught you my mother-tongue, Bukawac. All the “ings” and “engs” and “mmm” and “nga”. 🙂 Be in touch for the next lesson soon. Thank you very much Lou.

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      3. Lou, you are like family now so, just be my teacher. I’m good. Now I am going to check all my work. Your mum once urgently message me because I made a typo in my heading. She saved me. That was embarrassing and quite funny. I can only get better. English is my fourth language, there is a lot of room to learn.

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    1. Hi Millie, I owe you an email. Am about to sleep. 1am. I will write tomorrow (or later toady). Two words I removed from the newspaper headlines that could have change the story. “Husband Killed” – now you can make your own story up. 🙂 Goodnight my friend.

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