The Coleus Up Close

Flowering, a Coleus from my garden. JK.Leahy Photo©

I photographed the Coleus up close today. The coleus has always been a favourite of my mother and I. My mother has propagated several varieties of coleus at a time around our house and in all the food gardens where I grew up. We used coleus for singsing (traditional dancing).

The flower is also called the painted nettle and poor man’s croton. They grow fast and survive better is partial shade. I am fascinated by the way nature combines the colours in coleus.

Coleus leaf. JK.Leahy Photo©

There are so many different colour combinations on this flower and the colours are surprisingly complementary. For example, the lime green and the pink in the pictured leaf above and the green and purple in the young leaf pictured below.

I love coleus especially because I can get natural dyes from some of the varieties for my art. See previous post

A young Coleus leaf. JK.Leahy Photo©

Even when the leaves get a little older in this variety, the orange is added to the green on the picture below. Again, another complimentary colour to what the plant already has. It is almost as if to say that the Coleus knows how to dress – she is very fashionable. She does ‘read’ the colour chart very well.

Aging Coleus leaf. JK.Leahy picture©

This pictures were taken with a Nikon D5200

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      1. I am well, thank you, Joycelin, but falling badly behind with writing Book 3. We’ve been away for short holidays so much and had lots of days’ out. I’m forever behind on my blog, too, so please accept my apologies for any of your posts I’ve missed. Sales of my two books are ticking along, but reviews are very slow to come. I’ve had some nice reviews on both and, but nowhere near enough. As for putting a link on Amazon…what an I say? That’s very kind and thoughtful of you! (I’ll email you a little later on today. It’s a while since I did, so now is a good opportunity to do so.) 🙂

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      2. I am going to take the books with us to PNG (yours). I will get my two copies for Nathan and I and will share when we get home. We have quite a few readers in our family and they starve for books. I have not forgotten the Revs. 🙂

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      3. It’s more than kind of you to do that, Joycelin – although I’m not sure you’ll have time to read while you’re visiting family! If they’re anything like ours, they’ll want to entertain you until the early hours and insist on talking to you all day long. lol I’m honoured that you should offer to read my books and all I can do is say a huge ‘thank you’. 🙂

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