Kinabuhi: A film on the Survival of the Coconut Farmers

The coconut is one of the most valuable trees in the islands across the Pacific, Asia, Latin America and Africa. The coconut tree has many uses. The nut, its husk and shells, the trunk, leaves, even the bone of a single leaf is used. Children use the leaf for toys and women weave and cook rice in the leaves. Hats, baskets, mats and many other useful items are also made from the coconut leaves.

The coconut juice, coconut oil and coconut cream have become a recent rage in nutrition and diets in the western world. Ask abungac (grandpa) Google about the many uses of the coconut.

What happens when you destroy the tree that gives life?

Watch this story in “Kinabuhi“, a Vimeo video made by Kapuluan.


Coconut as disease cure

101 uses for coconut oil




12 thoughts on “Kinabuhi: A film on the Survival of the Coconut Farmers”

      1. Sorry, I meant the outer shell. I saw the husks. Matter of fact, I’ve seen others use husks for spoons, too, but never knew what they were. Are the shells mainly used for bowls, or are there other uses? Just curious.

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  1. For years they were claiming coconut oil was bad to ingest. I am not a huge fan of the cooking oil, but it is fantastic for skin and hair care, especially for racialized people.

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    1. Tell me about it – they (western world) claimed all the diabetes in the Pacific islands was caused by coconut cream – now that its good for western nutritionists – it is good for all of us ;). When my Chiro told me that I should try coconut cream and oil – I laughed out loud. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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