Cold Brisbane: We are feeling the temperature

An oiled wood coaster made by Chris Harris. 15/7/2015

Three nights ago, it was one of the coldest nights ever recorded in Brisbane in 103 years. It was very cold in the office all day and we increased the heat several times, but I had no idea it was six degrees. It was one degree in one of the suburbs – that morning. Up the river, near our home, it was below two degrees at Ipswich. This may not be cold for some of you readers that have temperatures measuring below zero at all times, but here, Brisbane is supposed to be one of the warmer states of Australia so we are feeling the cold.

Tonight was predicted to be another cold night, but so far, it has been around eight degrees celsius in Bellbowrie. On return from my evening walk, my 16-year-old son Chris brought me these little wood coasters he made while cutting firewood for our fireplace. The wood came from a tree that fell in a previous storm in our yard. We have been slowly using the tree up for various projects. And despite the cold, Chris was out making art.

A set of six wood coasters from Chris Harris. 15/7/2015

Each coaster is large enough to place under a hot cup and has beautiful grains of the hardy Acacia tree (a native to Brisbane) running through them in various shades. I decided to oil some to really bring out the grain.

Christopher Harris’ wood work.

Brisbane Weather story on The Courier Mail

4 thoughts on “Cold Brisbane: We are feeling the temperature”

  1. Cold is really only fun when you are prepared for it, otherwise it can be a pain in many different ways! Fantastic coasters, what an eye for natural art your son has (run in the family, I guess!).

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