Are We All Suspicious?

I took a walk yesterday in Bellbowrie, down our street on the edge of Brisbane River. I tend to walk on the grass because I like the soft- feel on my feet as I walk. Where we live, there is usually a piece of the city council land between the road and the various properties, enough for footpaths and walkers.

It was almost 5:45pm and with our winter, the place became dark quickly. I had a torch but I could still see so I did not use it.

“Are you right?” I heard a voice and saw a young man, about mid twenties, wearing white shorts and a polo coming towards me. I did not recognise him. He was walking on the road, going in the opposite direction.

Suddenly, I thought to myself, “why wouldn’t I be right?” And, “do I not look alright?” “Am I wrong?”

The tone of this young man’s voice did not seem friendly. I did not say any thing at first, just looked at him. I also wondered myself – if he was alright. I did not ask. My house was only four houses up the road.

Then, I calmly and with my best and warmest smile, I said, “I enjoy walking on the grass because it is soft and feet-friendly. I don’t like walking on hard surfaces”.

“Oh!” he responded with a puzzled look and then walked past me.

I don’t think it was the answer he expected. If that wasn’t the answer – what did he expect?

I re-told this random conversation to my younger son and he suggested, “may be the man thought you were ‘sus'”. (meaning suspicious).

“Do I look suspicious?”

To that question my son laughed and told me not to worry. How can I not?  It troubles me that given the world we live in today, you can never know what is well-meaning and what is not. Have we humans become allergic to each other?




15 thoughts on “Are We All Suspicious?”

  1. This is classic! Perhaps the man had an earpiece attached to a phone in his pocket… or perhaps he was bonkers! I love this. In my line of work I encounter people I regard as suspicious on a regular basis — and I would imagine there are lots who regard me as the same!
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. i know exactly what you mean! I run into people all day
    who give me a runny nose … !

    i tried medication but it didn’t work …
    my runny nose went away but
    the same people gave me a
    pain in the ass …

    i went home and took a hot bath … ahhhh …. the
    universal cure for whatever
    ails you …

    gosh … where i live in florida … there’s only concrete and
    black top … and i live in a residential area … !

    at our cottage in the north i can walk on
    emerald green moss all day … while communing with the
    squirrels and
    chipmunks …

    … ks


  3. My take….usually people don’t walk on the grass. They walk on the road like the man or the cement pathway bordering the grass. It is the unusual person that chooses to walk on the grass and may have lead the person to think that something could perhaps be not right with you. He may have been wary about this unusual person and may have affected his tone to you. I like walking on grass too and I take off my shoes/slippers too….more unusual.

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  4. It is tricky these days not knowing who to trust and what to trust. I suppose all we can do is be trustworthy. And trust in ‘karma’…what goes around comes around. Meaning if you are nice you will get it back. Perhaps that is what happened. Maybe you diverted the intent and directed it into confusing, allowing the situation and you to move on.

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