Tribalmystic Art in Zazzle Store

For anyone who is interested in my artwork I managed to get my first artwork onto some T-shirts. Here are some ideas. There are more  styles when you visit the link TribalMysticArt.

I will be posting more artwork on Zazzle in the coming weeks.

viewview toddler 2view toddlerview hoodie

Men's Tee

TribalMysticArt – click to order. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Tribalmystic Art in Zazzle Store”

  1. That’s wonderful! I can’t remember if I already mentioned it when we met on here, but I own a print shop in SF and just started a line of photographic t’s. So far there are 2 designs done in macro photography and hand printed by me! I don’t wan’t to be rude and just slap a link here, so lemme know if you’d like to check them out. I look forward to more of your work!

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      1. Thanks! My website:
        Scroll down to the ‘shop’ page to see the designs. 2 so far and I’m trying to keep them nature based for now. I have a bee and a moth so far and some other photo’s on deck to be translated to t’s soon, so keep an eye on it. We’re also working on our site so there will be better pics soon too. Thanks again and enjoy your day or night? No idea the time difference! Cheers!

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