Discovered Human Bone Uses : Home-ware?

New research offers the best evidence yet that cannibalism took place in Somerset’s Cheddar Gorge 15,000 years ago

The Independent UK reported that scientists investigating a system of caves in Somerset have found new evidence that shows our human ancestors engaged in cannibalism in Britain – and that no part of their victims was wasted.

A research team from the Natural History Museum and University College London have used modern carbon-dating techniques to establish that remains in Gough’s Cave at the mouth of Cheddar Gorge were all left there over just a few seasons around 15,000 years ago.

But more alarming is what was done to the bones before they were deposited. Find out here

7 thoughts on “Discovered Human Bone Uses : Home-ware?”

    1. Hahaha – you are so funny T. I am glad I didn’t live in that era either. I guess we would not really know whether we would like it – if we were there then. Now I can’t stop laughing. As a Papua New Guinean, it is good to read about someone else being a cannibal for a change. 🙂

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