Star-Crossed Lovers

Monday Finish the Story with host Barbara W Beacham

Picture by Barbara W. Beacham

Star-crossed Lovers © JLeahy

The neighbours were not happy about my choice of yard art. Beck shot me a look this morning before crossing to Mildred’s house.

I found the bison and hunter at a pawn shop. The owner wanted to get rid of them – cheap! He said it was an important reminder of our near-sighted ancestors killing all the bison.

“They’re special, you won’t find these anywhere”, the man assured. Sure, they looked ridiculous, but I wanted something like that for my stuffy neighbourhood. We moved here two months ago and I needed to get some laughs. My neighbours weren’t bad people, just very dull.

At 8pm, I heard Beck shouting over the TV.

“You have to get her to get rid of those stupid things. Mum keeps waking up at night to talk to the statue. She tells him how much she missed him while he was away hunting”.

“We are NOT going to remove the statues – make your mother take her medication!!”

(150 words)

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