Australian Aid Cuts Will Affect Four Continents

World Vision photo.

Australian aid agencies have begun the first wave of cuts to overseas projects, as they start to feel the effects of the Government’s budget decreases to foreign aid. The cuts would heavily affect poverty-stricken children and youth  across the world.

Plan Australia and World Vision have settled on more than a dozen projects, worth around $6.5 million between them, after negotiations with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade over the foreign aid cuts announced in last December’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook.

The projects being axed are only the first instalment of what will be a $1 billion slice out of the foreign aid budget, affecting four continents.

World Vision estimates up to 1.31 million people will miss out on services affected by the cuts.

Projects include:

Senegal – Child Protection and Participation Project: $459,000
South Sudan – South Sudan Education Project: $966,000
Uganda – Urban Youth Livelihoods Project: $432,000
India – Child Protection Project: $700,000
India – Delhi HIV/Aid Mitigation Project phase two: $80,000
Jerusalem/West Bank/Gaza – North Gaza Community Resilience Project: $765,000
Pacific Timor-Leste – Clean water, gender-based violence eradication, health, education: $591,000
World Vision’s total cuts are valued at $5,574,012.

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6 thoughts on “Australian Aid Cuts Will Affect Four Continents”

  1. Britain hasn’t made cuts in foreign aid, as far as I’m aware. The subject always causes heated disputes, I know, and I can see why you are angry about cuts made by your country. What you say about wastage applies to most, if not all,’developed’ countries. it’s more that absurd.

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    1. Interesting! Thank you for reading T. These cuts (ours) are a follow on from the government’s recent foreign policy and especially after the harsh treatment of the refugees, it is clearly shows the direction we are heading – absurdity! When I look around and see all the wastage produced daily by our population (that can be re-directed to help others), it makes me sad and very angry.


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