Scatterings of Blood River

Mondays Finish the Story by Barbara W. Beacham

The Kingdom Behind the Fog – Photo by Barbara W. Beacham

Scatterings of Blood River ©JLeahy Memoirs

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, beyond the blue fog of Torrest Straits lived many tribes in Papua New Guinea. Amongst them, a fierce warrior named Katham led the Ahe people.

Seeking fertile land Katham attacked Tikeleng, Apo and Aluki tribes for the Lahe coastline. The early 1900s battle took place near a large river. Positioned in the thick tropical forest Katham and his warriors fought till his last coastal enemy fell. Katham and two ardent followers returned inland. They crossed the river, which they named Bu-dac, meaning Blood River, because it was red and filled with floating bodies. The three heard loud splashing. Katham approached the shallow bank cautiously thinking an injured enemy was still alive.

To his astonishment, he found a toddler struggling for air and Katham picked up and hugged the baby boy. The baby threw up water and cried. Without other survivors, Katham returned home, named and raised the toddler as his son.

Based on our (Ahe people’s) history as told by my grandmother, Geyamlamuo Poaluawe Baim. Budac remains a river where our people wash daily. The toddler’s three generations are still part of our family. Our village Wagang remains in the position Katham fought for.  Thank you Barbara for a perfect picture to inspire my oral history.

21 thoughts on “Scatterings of Blood River”

    1. Thank you Shakti. He married and had children. (Three generations) – I have a picture of his (the toddler’s) grandson. He was like a great uncle to me but he passed away a few years ago and left several sons and their children – (all alive and well. :)) My grandma told me, no-one ever came to claim the baby – but then, they all feared the great warrior.

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  1. Well done Joycelin! I loved the story and to think that it is based on history! Wonderful! Thanks again for participating in the MFtS challenge and I hope that you write again next week! I added your story to the linkup so that others who add their stories there can read yours too! Be well… ^..^

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    1. Thank you so much for prompting the story and I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was lovely to write about Bu-dac (river) just a few days after my tribute to my grandma. In some of my memoir stories, I mentioned the river. Katham was a character…

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