Amputated Digits

I hear you..I like how you said this. That was my time in journalism – a third got chopped. I bet the editors love it.

Cor Novus

Besides my scribblings in Cor Novus, I also contribute to a Community Newsletter where I live.  For the very large part, the contributions to the newsletter are simply a regurgitation of stuff I already put in here. Like nearly all regurgitions, not everything comes back in the same form that it went in.

In the blog I am free to let my writing Muse roam and ramble at will. I DO edit for length and comprehension but for the most part I just let the inner-voice speak as it wills and wants. It’s a different story for the newsletter. Space is premium and I sometimes have to cut as much as a third from the original that you see published here.WritersBlock

A THIRD! Oh My God, the PAIN!

Every writer of any worth that I have ever heard speak will tell you that words and stories and articles and essays…

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4 thoughts on “Amputated Digits”

  1. Thanks for reblogging this. It is my first to find its way from the confines of Cor Novus. (not counting the newsletter of course. :O )

    Sorry that I haven’t been here more. I’ve enjoyed your blog since the day I discovered it.


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