The Spirit of Mambesak

From: the garamut

Spirit of Mambesak was initially formed in the 70’s and 80’s by West Papuan artists Arnold Ap and Eddie Mofu. They understood the importance of culture and strove to use music as a medium to convey their basic human right: the freedom of expression.

Mambesak was formed to revitalise traditional West Papuan dance, music and song and eventually provided a certain colour, form and inspiration for the birth of music and dance groups throughout Papua, actively promoting and strengthening West Papuan identity. However, Arnold Ap and Eddie Mofu’s popularity and the conscious pride in being Papuan Mambesak’s music engendered, brought them to the attention of the Indonesian military who accused them of being separatists. They were finally murdered. Today, the spirit of Mambesak endures with new faces and new songs. This album was released in 2004.

You can listen to more or purchase their music here


14 thoughts on “The Spirit of Mambesak”

  1. Thank you & cheers for noticing 🙂 it’s been a wild busy time for sure especially lately & also an exciting time for all of us & we couldn’t be more pleased. Loving your blog here too & look in as often as we can, we find your posts interesting and inspiring.

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    1. Hahahaha, you’re welcome Alex. West Papua has some 200-400 distinct languages, (still, many unknown and un-confirm) like in PNG. It is discussed in researches that PNG has over 300 languages. So, while we are close, unless they are from the same tribe or group of languages/dialects, Melanesians usually we have no idea what the next person is speaking when they talk in their mother tongue. 🙂


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