Gifted young Aussie sportsman died today


Phillip Hughes died on Thursday afternoon, two days after he received a brutal bouncer to the head during the Sheffield Shield clash at the Sydney Cricket Ground. He was set to turn 26-years-old on Sunday. Credit:Reuters

A shocking and sad news arrived this evening. Gifted sportsman, Phillip Hughes died this afternoon after being hit in the head with a bouncer ball during a match played on Tuesday afternoon on Sydney Cricket Ground. He was admitted to St Vincent Hospital after being struck in the head, underwent an emergency surgery, and placed in induced coma. He never regained consciousness and died peacefully this afternoon.

What a gifted and humble sportsman. Hughes, was turning 26 this Sunday.  Phillip Hughes could play both rugby and cricket very well and he chose cricket. He was the first and youngest Australian to score a century in his debut international game.

3 thoughts on “Gifted young Aussie sportsman died today”

  1. I was so saddened by this news – tears came to my eyes. To see a young man doing what he enjoys cut down in the prime of his life is just awful. I personally don’t enjoy cricket but the game is near and dear to the hearts of my fellow West Indians. Condolences to the family.


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