Could you live in this giant ice cube?

At first, I thought a house had fallen off a cliff-side when I saw this image. There were no crash pieces, no dents and the house seemed in good shape. I have to admit the picture also made me disoriented. I probably would feel dizzy standing next to the actual building. I had even thought it was a Photoshop ‘nonsense’ when I saw the picture.  That first impression led me to research.  It took me a little while before I discovered that the house was real.  It is a retreat cabin. And of course it made the “Cool Stuff” category in my blog.  I think it is an amazing piece of architecture. I love the sustainability aspect of the cabin and how clever the designers were in blending this work-of-art into its surroundings in a subtle and playful way. View links to take you inside the ‘ice-cube’.

Block of Tumbling Ice Inspiration

Czech architects Atelier 8000 designed this monolithic cube retreat for the mountains of northern Slovakia. Inspired by glaciers, the architects envisioned a block of ice tumbling down a mountainside and crashing into the snowy landscape. The building was designed for the Kežmarská Chata (Kežmarská Hut) international competition, and it contains a restaurant, a sleeping area and ski storage for visitors.

Read more: This Crazy Solar-Powered Cabin Looks Like a Giant Ice Cube Atelier 8000 Kežmarská Hut – Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

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