My favourite time as a child – fishing

This little girl takes a ride on a huge fish in Caras Ionut’s artwork.

If I had to show a visual story of my childhood, this would be it. This photograph by artist Caras Lonut. I remember often thinking about living underwater and swimming with the fish or getting a ride from one.

Growing up in a small village on the coastline of Lae, Papua New Guinea meant I spent many hours and days fishing. My early years were dedicated to catching fish for food. Most of my family fished. Sometimes, we would start at dawn and end at dusk.

We fished on the shoreline and in the swamps. I knew where to fish and where not to. I also knew when to fish. The climate and the weather patterns were our guide. Certain fish came when the moon rose. As early as I can remember I could make my own fishing equipment using nylon lines, small metal hooks, fishing net made from strings. These strings we made from bush ropes and vines.  My aunts, mother and grandma and I would knit the ropes into nets. Like other children in my village, I kept a collection of empty coffee jars I lured fish into by putting a small portion of cooked rice at the bottom of the jars before placing the jar in the water. This was another kind of fishing but that is another story.

Fishing remains one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I have ever had.

3 thoughts on “My favourite time as a child – fishing”

    1. I have to show you a picture – thank you so much for commenting. It means a lot to me. I recently lost some 2900 followers – I pressed a wrong button somewhere and never got help from WordPress to fix the problem. But, I have made new friends and you commenting is growing to bring me good luck. 🙂
      You can see other fancy pictures from this same artist.


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