Mother Loses a Son In Bullying

A painful story of bullying and a devastating ending in Brisbane, Australia.


Joshua Taylor - known as Josh - who killed himself after being bullied. Picture: Che...

Joshua Taylor – known as Josh – who killed himself after being bullied. Picture: Cherie Taylor Source: Supplied


I received a note this afternoon to sign a petition to the Queensland and Australian government to introduce anti-bullying laws. I am a mother and I have two sons. I don’t know Cherie or Josh but their story touched me deeply. I am against all forms of bullying. Like many, I have experienced bullying myself as a child of two cultures, as an adult and a woman.

You would all have your own stories about bullying.  If you think about it, really, deep down, do you remember how you felt helpless and alone?

The petition I received today was about a young man named Joshua Taylor. He was a Brisbane boy, deeply loved by his mother, sister and father. He was talented and had a bright future ahead of him. I would like to call this evil of bullying – the “dark society’. This negative spirit and its servants always seem to single you out and it is not long before you are made to feel and believe that you are a lesser human being.

To the parents of children that bully, I say, if you as a parent cannot see how your own child is hurting others, you are part of it. You are servants to this dark society and I mean dark in your heart and mind. Perhaps you don’t know or don’t care. Unfortunately – you as a parent are just as responsible for the bullying behaviours and ultimately, the consequences – such as the tragedy of Josh Taylor.

The Queensland government needs to make this law. Other states already have anti-bullying laws.  To read more of Joshua Taylor’s story and sign the petition, click links below.

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