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Welcome and thank you for reading my blog. My name is Joycelin Leahy. My blog name is Tribal Mystic. I am an Ahe (pronounced: aah hee) woman from Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG); one of the most unique and diverse countries of many tribes, languages, cultures and natural beauty. I now live in Brisbane, Australia and work between the two countries.

Whether you come from PNG or not, we all come from tribes and we belong to some kind of tribal group and material objects or things that give us our identity. I believe each person and each thing has a story. I am hoping to share with you some of these stories about people, animals and things that have been part of my life. I hope that you would find these stories interesting and share them with others. I have been a journalist, artist, an arts curator, business woman, climate activist and story-teller and a mother of two amazing sons. I have also been a cleaner, house painter, body painter, sales person, renovator, telemarketer, campaigner – you name it, I have tried many things…As present, I write for pleasure and I paint and teach others to paint while I run my art gallery in Bellbowrie called Beyond Pacific Art.

I am very passionate about sustainable heritage particularly with the effects of climate change. I would also like to see more women in PNG and the Pacific Islands become self-sufficient by using their traditional heritage to do contemporary business and at the same time, not give in to too much commercialisation and losing their traditional skills. Teach your daughters and grand daughters your skills now. I only hope for eco-tourism in the future and I would like to see Pacific Island countries, particularly the Melanesians work extra hard to preserve their unique heritages.  We are losing many languages. I support visual artists and embrace all the challenges that women face around the world and particularly in my country and the islands. There will be posts about many of my interests I have just mentioned as part of my introduction to this blog. I hope what I write would support, educate and be simply enjoyed. Please give me some honest feedback.

I have been contemplating this role as a blogger for almost three years and was always afraid and concerned that I would never have the right content or quantity to write about. Just writing this tonight makes me feel like a very excited small kid dying to play in a large playground with strangers. I took some time to speak to friends and family who are expert bloggers (thank you Mari Ellingson – Island Meri) and looked at veterans Malum Nalu and Masalai and after some research and feedback I have finally taken the giant step. I hope that I can stand comfortably on my feet in the coming months and make another step towards sharing extraordinary stories and pictures. I will write about art, culture, heritage, climate change, creative writing, nature, family women, business, music, beauty and fashion, but to name a few. Each post will be different and could be from any of these topics. In this first blog, I would like to share an image of two birds – both lorikeets that have come to live with us here on the outskirts of the city in Bellbowrie. Over the years my sons and I have loved and cared for animals and insects and I often get a shock when without warning I find a dead beetle in the freezer, waiting to be buried properly. I have also been deeply moved often when my sons make me stop at roadsides to pick up road-kills and take them home with us. Whether it be a possum or bird they wanted us to take the animals home to give them a good burial in our yard. Next blog I will share with you one of my short stories about life in Brisbane City. Tenk yu tumas na lukim yu! (Thank you very much and I’ll be seeing you!).

Kaz (rainbow lorikeet) breaking the ice on their first day they became friends. It was Christmas day 2013. Nisha (scale breasted Lorikeet) was not impressed but they got on better as the days progressed. Kaz has been with us four months and Nisha,  just under a month. They both fell out of their nests and could not fly.

Tribal Mystic tribalmystic

30 thoughts on “Introduction – About Tribalmystic Blog”

  1. Congratulations Joycelin, I share your heart for our culture and environment.
    Like you I also have two boys, who loves animals and pro environmental friendly.
    Looking forward to reading more.


  2. I agree with all the comments here. You are off to a great start. It is no wonder we found each other. I ran a company called Tribal Ties for many years. I am reviving it soon as part of my art representations and other business dealings. I agree with you on maintaining identities and traditional skills. Your words reminded me of my grandmother and great grandmother making peach cobbler from scratch and how I can’t find one that comes close to the wonderful flavors their pies possessed. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing more!


  3. I am proud of you Joycelin. Just like painting, now you can use the magic of words to paint a picture in the minds of your readers. You are good at it so take it away Tribal Mystic.


      1. Congratulations on your first blog susa, well done! Look forward to reading the rest of your blogs. Good job..:) x


  4. Jocelyn, with that kind if a start I have no doubt that we will have much to converse and share with you. Our life is a rich tapestry of experiences especially when seen through the eyes of our peers, Friends and even strangers. I am intrigued by the many things that you have done and look forward to the dialogue. Well done and the journey has certainly begun. Ps glad the first step has been exciting, no doubt an exhilarating kaleidoscope of words and thoughts to follow. Hereadai Momokani sis 🙂


  5. Great introduction to your blogs, painting a word picture, leading us gently in by the hand, with a smile we can feel in our hearts. We are very proud of you.


  6. Congratulations J on your first blog. I look forward to reading more of your work and of course meeting Kaz and Nisha. They are beautiful.


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